ZEN Soap: Multi-functional Soap Made from 100% Olive Oil

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Katerina Gounaris, an impressive young woman from Greece is behind the successful business of ZEN multi-functional soaps which are made of 100% olive oil, water and sodium hydroxide (caustic soda). A few years ago, Katerina decide to move from Athens to Larissa where she started her now very successful soap business and says that more and more people every day are showing interest in her products.

“ZEN is not just a soap, it is a way of life and an answer to the consumerism of modern-day man. One of the merits behind its philosophy is its unadorned simplicity. That is the reason I chose this specific name, because of the simple look and simple composition,” said Katerina during an interview.

ZEN soap can be used for cleaning or disinfecting and anything that has to do with personal hygiene or cleaning a room. It can be used to clean your hair, face, body, but also your floors, bathrooms, dishes, marble, clothes, plants, windows, It even be used to remove salts, said Katerina.

If someone wishes to purchase some of Katerina’s unique soap they can visit her Facebook page (Zen Soap) or choose one of the selected shops that sell her products. There is also another line of ZEN products called ZEN Special Offers. It is a line of customized products that are only sold upon request.

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