You need extra-virgin olive oil to prevent hair loss

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Hair loss can be a very serious problem. A normal hair loss is not a concern because it’s natural. But if you are losing more than 80-100 strands daily, then you have to be worried about hair loss. There are different ways to prevent hair loss. Let’s find out if you effective ways to prevent hair loss. Head massage is a very effective way of preventing hair loss. A regular had massage can prevent hair loss and can also cure hair loss problems. When you massage your scalp, it increases blood flow to the hair follicles.

When that happens the scalp is conditioned and the hair roots are strengthened. During the massage your skin is warmed up and that opens the blood vessels, which can take more nutrients with the blood. Your hands need lots of nutrients to remain strong and to grow. Dandruff is another major reason of hair loss. Proper massage can keep dandruffs away. With massage you can relax yourself and get relief from the stress. Stress is another cause of hair loss. You can massage your hair twice or thrice in a week. Massaging them will not only stop hair loss but will also make your hair healthy and shining.

You can use the following oils on your scalp to massage it. You can use herbal oils or essential oils. Among the herbal oils, the most important oils are coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil etc.

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