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The “biodynamic” concept refers to a form of cultivation which seeks total integration and harmony with the ecosystem surrounding it, and with the cosmos itself. The hand of man should alter the habitat and the natural environment as little as possible, only trying to enrich and improve it. The “biodynamic farm” should be self-sufficient, creating a virtuous cycle in which all the residues and by-products of agricultural activity return to the earth, becoming in turn a source of life. Very few outside elements may be used in this agricultural work.

As in other forms of organic agriculture, artificial fertilizers and toxic pesticides and herbicides are strictly prohibited. Biodynamic agriculture differs from other types of organic farming in the use of herbal preparations and minerals such as compost additives and field sprays and the use of a planting schedule focused on the movement of the stars.

Based on the coexistence of natural forest grove forest, the company has replanted several autochthonous species of the area that enrich the earth and foster biodiversity. They also produce their own compost and their biodynamic treatments that aid in the fertilisation of the soil and natural development of the olive tree. All of this, according to the biodynamic calendar for pruning, watering, composting and harvesting.

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