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Castillo de Canena goes back to the origins and launches the World’s first Biodynamic Premium EVOO.

The primary element which differentiates Castillo de Canena is that the shift of their groves has been from integrated production to organic agriculture, in a region of moderate altitude, rich soils, and perfect accessibility.

The irrigated groves have been operating for some time, providing excellent harvests.

That is to say, this transformation has been entirely voluntary, pre-meditated and aware, and forms part of an ambitious long-term overall project which seeks to obtain new oil with a high added value, satisfying their most exacting, sophisticated and sensitive clients’ requirements on the basis of substantial R&D&I.

Therefore, obtaining the organic certification awarded to their groves in October 2011 was a mere first step for receiving the Demeter Certificate awarded by the Spanish Association of Organic Agriculture, guaranteeing them the production of the world’s first biodynamic high-grade extra virgin olive oil.

Taking care of the ecosystem

After obtaining the Demeter Certificate, Castillo de Canena went through a three-year adaptation period, during which they endured dozens of audits, successfully completing the process last year. Not to mention the necessary work dedicated to train, educate and raise awareness among the members of their team in order to achieve the goal of creating the first biodynamic olive oil in the world.

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