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As can be seen from the table below, at the close of the 2014/15 crop year (October 2014–September 2015), Japanese imports of olive oil (customs heading 15.09) and olive pomace oil (customs heading 15.10) were 10 pc higher than in 2013/14, and have shown strong growth since March 2015. Imports into the United States and China have held steady, whereas they have dropped in Russia (−33 pc), Australia (−21 pc), Brazil (-8 pc) and Canada (−7 pc).
1The 11-month figures for the EU* for the 2014/15 crop year show a drop in intra-EU acquisitions (−2 pc) and a steep 311 pc rise in extra-EU imports versus the same period a season earlier. This situation was prompted by the heavy drop in production in Spain and Italy in 2014/15. As a result, extra-EU imports by both countries soared, particularly imports from Tunisia (+1070 pc by Spain and +329 pc by Italy on 2013/14 levels). As reported in the previous issue of this newsletter, this upward movement began in December 2014 and was connected with the large climb in Tunisian production in 2014/15, which positioned Tunisia as the world’s top exporter that season.


At the close of the 2014/15 crop year (October 2014–September 2015), table olive imports (see next table) into the United States showed an increase of 12 pc on the season before whereas they remained stable in Canada. Conversely, decreases are reported for the rest of the countries listed, i.e. Russia (−16 pc), Australia (−12 pc) and Brazil (−9 pc).
2The figures for the EU* for eleven months of the 2014/15 season show that intra-EU acquisitions and extra-EU imports went up by 6 and 1 pc respectively versus the same period of 2013/14.

Source: International Olive Council MARKET NEWSLETTER No 100 – December 2015

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