World Olive Oil Exhibition to be held on 9 - 10 March 2016 in Madrid

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Thus WOOE is “the best opportunity to activate a market that can offer a great competitiveness to companies that decide to enter it as a result of the strong presence of international operators,” says the organization in a statement. “The commitment to olive oil in some emerging countries is also an opportunity for the packer sector to position itself through such an important international event.”

In its fourth edition WOOE recorded a 25% of increase in the number of participants, which, explained by the director of the show, Santiago Botas, showed “the consolidation of this event as the main reference for the olive oil commercialization.” “WOOE is a completely business-oriented fair and every year we work hard to exceed the expectations of producers and buyers attending this important trade fair so they meet each other,” he said.

The World Olive Oil Exhibition is a unique space for meeting, conducting business and promoting olive oil. Its various areas include:

– Exhibition area: All stands are identical and delivered turnkey. WOOE is focused on olive oil products and on those who make them.

– “Oil Bar”: A tasting area where buyers can sample, quietly and privately, the virgin and extra virgin olive oils of each of the participants.

– Business point: An area reserved for meetings arising during the event.

– Conference program: The WOOE is also committed to discussion, reflection and information exchange. At our round of lectures, technical, commercial and whatever matter significant to the olive world are tackled by highly reputed specialists.

– Extra virgin oil tasting: The World Olive Oil Exhibition will also offer tastings of extra virgin olive oils of different origins, varieties and producing regions, as well as cooking demonstrations given by prestigious industry professionals..

– Delicatessen with Olive Oil: A great diversity of gourmet foods and cosmetics which use olive oil as a main ingredient are showcased in this area.

– Show Cooking: Reputed chefs will offer cooking demonstrations and free tasting of dishes made with extra virgin olive oil.

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