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The 2016/2017 olive oil marketing year plays a prominent role in Spain as a consequence of an expected harvest of 1.52 million tonnes, which is slightly higher than the previous and which accounts for more than 50% of global production that, in general, is decreasing.

This fact, together with an almost total lack of olive oil stocked from previous years, gives a spectacular role to events such as the WOOE. According to IOC’s figures, Italy expects a harvest of 243.000 tonnes, nearly half of the previous marketing year.

Greece, with 260.000 tonnes, drops its production by 19% and Portugal, with 93.600 tonnes, decreases by 14%. Tunisia, in one of its worst years, reaches 100.000 tonnes, a decrease of 29% compared with the already reduced harvest of the previous marketing year.

Morocco: 110.000 tonnes, a decrease of 15% and Algeria with 74.000 tonnes, dropped by 11%. Other countries have also reduced their harvests, such as Jordan by 22% up to 23.000 tonnes, Lebanon by 13% up to 20.000 tonnes, Libya by 14% up to 15.500 tonnes, and Argentina by 18% up to 15.500 tonnes.

On the contrary, there are countries that have big harvests, such as Turkey that have increased by 24% up to 177.000 tonnes, Egypt by 8% up to 27.000 tonnes, Israel by 7% up to 16.000 tonnes and Albania by 5% up to 11.000 tonnes.



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