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The estimates for 2014/15 assess table olive production at over 2 551 500 t, representing a decrease of 2 pc on the season. Among the EU countries the picture is like that for olive oil with output forecast to be lower in Spain and Portugal and higher in Greece and Italy. Elsewhere, IOC Members such as Albania, Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey forecast higher output, Morocco expects similar levels of production to the season before and Syria and Argentina expect decreases.


Trade in olive oil and olive pomace oil through the first ten months of the 2013/14 crop year from October 2013 until June 2014 is reported for seven countries in the table below.

The data show higher imports by Canada (+16 pc), the United States (+6 pc after imports started to rally in April 2014), Australia (+ 5 pc) and Japan (+ 5 pc) and lower import levels in China (-13 pc) and Brazil (-1 pc) although a recovery has been noted in recent months in the import data for the last two countries compared with the same period a year earlier.

In the case of Russia, data are only available up to April 2014, i.e. for the first seven months of the season, and reflect an increase of 8 pc in imports.

At the time of writing, EU data were not available for July 2014 but the figures for the first nine months of the season (October 2013–June 2014) report a 14 pc increase in intra-EU acquisitions and a drop of 62 pc in imports from outside the EU versus the same period in 2012/13. This fall in extra-EU imports seems logical, given Spain’s high production.



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