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The first seven entries in the table below report imports of olive oil and olive pomace oil in specific
markets between the nine months of the 2013/14 crop year from October 2013 until June 2014. The figures
point to increases of 19 pc in Canada, 5 pc in Japan and 4 pc in the United States, contrasting with decreases
in China (-18 pc), Brazil (-3 pc) and Australia (-3 pc) although imports have rallied in recent months in the last
three countries compared with the same period a season earlier. Data for Russia are only available until April
2014 and reflect an increase of 8 pc in imports over the first seven months of the crop year.

At the time of writing, EU data were not available for June 2014 but the figures for the first eight months
of the season (October 2013–May 2014) report a 12 pc increase in intra-EU acquisitions and a drop of 54.5 pc
in imports from outside the EU compared with the same period of the previous crop year. This fall in extra-EU
imports seems logical, given Spain’s high production.


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