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OliveOilMarket is a official representative in Europe of American Corporation Fitia Foods Inc., which is wholesale exporter of Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil to USA, (www.fitiafoods.com)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Fitia” produced and bottled in cooperation with the largest Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Lakonia of Greece (EL 40069).

greece_map_LakoniaLakonia is one of the regional units of Greece and situated in the southeastern part of the Peloponnese peninsula. Its administrative capital is Sparta. The word “laconic” is derived from the name of the region by analogy to speak in a concise way, as the ancient Spartans were reputed.

pgi lakoniaThe regional unit of Greece Lakonia is classified P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Indication) by the E.U.

The European Union PGI symbol guarantees the superior quality and integrity of the product.

The Mediterranean microclimate in this area, with the bright sunshine and the bracing breeze of the sea nearby, is ideal for the cultivation of world famous olives.

FITIA Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made with a fusion of rare local fruity Athinolia olive variety and Koroneiki olive variety, which is named ‘the queen of olives’ and is cultivated globally as one of the preferred varietals for oil production.

The harvest begins in late October at the stage when the multicolored olives are about ready to mature, but have high polyphenol content.

The low-acidity ( less than 0.4%) golden-green extra virgin olive oil produced from the first cold pressing of handpicked fresh olives with mechanical means and without thus being the natural juice of the olive fruit.

Crushing and olive oil extraction process is performed at cold temperatures, with the max temperature being 27o C, to maintain its rich, fruity, intense aroma and its distinctive green colour.

FITIA extra virgin olive oil is intensely fruity and robust, with ever-so-slight bitter undertones; it tantalizes the palate with its contrasts, lingering pleasantly with notes of grass and mountain fruits.

FITIA Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 100% Natural
and simply perfect for health and all cooking needs!


  • We offer our olive oil products under terms of Guaranteed in Time Delivery, Wholesale Prices and Agreed Quality
  • We can offer Fixed-Price Contract for a period up to 6 months and to L/c as payment method
  • We own and supply only 100% Natural & Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • We can supply EVOO in large quantities (200 tons per week)
  • Private labeling can be provided at no additional cost
  • For Quality Standards & Packaging click here


  • Place of Origin: Lakonia of Greece
  • Producer: Fitia Foods & UAC Lakonia (EL 40069)
  • Harvest November 2014 – 2015
  • Grades: EVOO
  • Acidity: less than 0,4 %
  • Brand Name: “FITIA”
  • Supply Ability: 200 tons per week

  • Packaging: Glass Bottle, Tin,
  • Private Labeling Available
  • Fixed-Price Contract up to 6 month
  • Payment Terms: 30 days L/C, TT
  • Minimum Order Quantity: one 20ft container
  • Terms of Delivery: Negotiable (EXW, CIF, etc.)
  • Time of Delivery : up to 21 working days

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