White San Blas Olives of Malta

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However, Peter explained this was an unusual oil as it contained the pressings of white olives only found on their single San Blas tree. As if on a search for the Holy Grail, mine are often food-inspired trips of discovery. The Gadabout Girl was intrigued and the hunt began for the story behind the white San Blas olive.

Our first visit together was to the home of Sam and Matty Cremona in Wardija. In 2005, it was here that Peter came laden with olives for pressing at the flourishing ‘producers organisation’ set up by Sam, a retired gemmologist, now magician with olive oil in 2002. Among the delivery from San Blas were perfectly formed olives of an ivory white colour. Sam’s eyes lit up with glee on their discovery. On a visit to San Blas, he saw the ancient tree that bore the white fruit in dire distress, in need of tender loving care and barely clinging onto life. With careful pruning, it survives to this day and is now propagating cuttings for its future generations.

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