Which country produces the best olive oil?

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There does not seem to be a single, correct answer to the question “Which country produces the best olive oil”.

It is a fact that there are differences in taste. Olive trees from Greece, Spain and Italy not only differ in species, but are subject to local climate and soil conditions which influence the oil’s flavor. But while most people can recognize its freshness or even its acidity, the subtle differences between different varieties of olive oils which indicate country of origin, may be evident only to professional olive oil tasters.

Italy consumes more olive oil than it produces. In order to satisfy demand, it supplements local produce with imports from Greece and Spain. Thus, what people buy in super markets as Italian olive oil may in fact have a different country of origin. Nevertheless, Italy markets olive oil very successfully as a national product.

Above all, and based on the results of consumer surveys, the choice of olive oil is a subjective one, based on individual taste and preferences. Greek olive oil is as tasty as its Spanish or Italian counterparts, because in the end, it all depends on an oil’s freshness, its quality, the way one uses it in their kitchen (on salads, on bread, as a cooking ingredient), and the personal taste of the consumer.

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