What is your favorite use of olive oil?

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What is your favorite use of olive oil?

I love to take great extra-virgin olive oil and use it to finish dishes like salads, fish, and grilled artichokes. Extra-virgin olive oil has the highest smoking point of any oil, so it’s great to use it in cooking, but to get the most benefit also drizzle a little over the food right before serving. I love my olive oils made with my partners in Greece, Gaea, because I know that they are directly from the island’s olive trees, authentic, organic, and some of the best in the world.

What is a unique way it can be used?

I make an olive cake called Lathi Torte, which is made with olive oil, no butter. It is epic! It stays moist for days and taste like a lighter version of pound cake.

How should one avoid using it?

Although you could deep-fry with it, because extra-virgin olive oil does have the highest smoking point, it would not be cost-effective. Pan-frying is fine as you don’t use too much, but it’s a waste of a great oil that is more expensive to deep-fry.

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