What is your favorite use of olive oil?

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When it comes to cooking, there is no denying that the celebrity chef Cat Cora is deeply passionate. And if you ask her about her about her favorite ingredient, without hesitation she’ll reply, “olive oil.” But why?

“Olive oil has a premium flavor unlike any other oil and more complexity,” she says. “Nutty, herbaceous, and earthy are all qualities of good olive oil. And if you add it to, say, a hot baked potato, a good olive oil will give off an amazing aroma, whereas a low-grade oil will give off a bland smell.”

That is why Cora recently partnered with Gaea, an olive oil purveyor in Greece, to bring an array of delicious olive oils to interested home cooks. To help you incorporate this delicious ingredient into your daily routine, Cora chatted with us about some great uses as well as why she loves the ingredient so much!

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