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From feta with spinach and blood orange to baked dal and sweet potato – you won’t miss your meat with these inspired dishes.

The oven has been busy this week – baking spiced aubergines, trays of roast vegetables with eggs and a layered dish of dal and sweet potatoes. There have been frying pans of peppers and wheat on the hob, and sesame-coated cheese for bright citrus salads. It was only as we ladled out the last of the layers of baked dal onto our plates that I realised the kitchen hasn’t seen a joint of meat all week.

Feta with spinach and blood orange

Serves 2

sesame seeds 3 tbsp
runny honey 2 tbsp
feta 250g
blood oranges 3
extra virgin olive oil 30ml
white wine vinegar 1 tbsp
spinach leaves 100g

Toast the sesame seeds in a dry, shallow pan till golden then remove from the heat. Brush the honey on the surface of the feta then place the cheese flat side down in the sesame seeds and press gently. Turn the cheese over, brush the surface generously with honey then turn and pat down gently to cover with seeds.

Place the sesame-covered cheese on a piece of tin foil then place in a baking dish. Bake for 10 minutes until the cheese has started to soften.

While the cheese bakes, remove the peel from two of the oranges with a very sharp knife, then cut them into thickish slices, about six per fruit. Squeeze the remaining orange into a bowl, and add the olive oil, vinegar, a little salt and some black pepper, coarsely ground, and then the sliced oranges.

Wash the spinach and dry in a salad spinner, then toss with the orange slices and their dressing. Divide the spinach and orange slices between two plates, then spoon over some of the orange and olive oil dressing. Cut the warm feta in half, and place one piece on each plate.

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