Unraveling the mysteries of olive oil

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Lewis said he’s seen a steadily growing demand for artisan olive oil, and predicted that in a few years, foodies will be discussing olive oil the way they discuss wine. In fact, some restaurants, such as Avon’s Vin 48, already offer an olive oil list. Diners can choose from a number of artisan oils to put the finishing touch on their entree.

“Great olive oils have just as much to bring to the table as great wines,” Lewis said.

But despite the oil’s popularity, there’s a lot the everyday cook (or diner) doesn’t know about olive oil.

“We feel that people don’t understand how to really use it to finish dishes, to really be able to pour it on and use it in a way you like,” Lewis said.

At a recent Taste of Vail seminar, Lewis gave a roomful of foodies a primer on the Mediterranean staple. Read on, and you might never think of olive oil the same way again.

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