Union pour le Développement de l'Olivier de Meknès

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The Moroccan city of Meknès continues its initiatives in the field of olive oil promotion and, following the establishment of l’Agro-pôle Olivier Meknès in 2004 and l’Association UDOM “Union pour le Développement de l’Olivier de Meknès” the region will count on the Olivier Promo Meknès Foundation in order to boost its oil sector.

This Foundation is a historic and long-awaited initiative by all actors and economic sectors of the region and it is now a reality since April 10, after the signing of its charter by the institutions of the city and members of this project, which will be directed by Noureddine Ouazzani, also director of l’Agro-pôle Olivier.

Its proponents have noted that this strategy demonstrates the dynamism of olive oil in this region of the Mediterranean sector and encompasses various economic sectors such as agribusiness, tourism, culture, craft and education.

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