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The first ever Olive Oil, Liquor, Wine, pourer which you twists the cap to pour, twist to close. No Fruit flies, no evaporation. Bartenders no longer have to cover up their open liquor bottles. Pouro prevents fruit flies in open liquor bottles;

A MUST for every Bar/Nightclub, or anyone serving Liquor. Our Olive Oil Pouro are a huge success as we are selling to hundreds of Olive oil distributors and manufactures as the Pouro pours the Olive oil without spilling or mess!

Pouro is a perfect marketing Tool for All liquor manufactures who want to increase their on premises sales as we can add their brand name to the cap of the Pouro for advertising in the bars.
Bartenders cannot get enough pouro and if you provide pouro with your brand name they will use those in all their bottles which will help promote your product.

For retail sales by adding a custom engraved/printed Pourer with your brand name will hugely increase your retail sales; Customers go right for the bottle with the printed pouro to buy your product first just to get the Pourer.

Pouro comes in 12 pcs and 144 pcs bar bags and for Retailers wanting to carry Pouro we have a special 3 pcs retail package that will fly off the shelf. For larger orders they come in 1200 pcs cases.

Contact the staff at Advanced pouring solutions if you are a Bar/Nightclub, Liquor manufacture, olive oil manufacture wanting to stop fruit flies in your bar of Retail Pouro or if you wish to brand your name on the Pouro to increase.

Contact European distributor for Pouro:
Klaus P. Kruse
Karl Kruse GmbH & Co KG
Bruchweg 109
41564 Kaarst, Germany
Office: 02131 981410
Fax: 02131 981413

Din EN ISO 9001:2008 certified company


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