Trends in global consumption of table olives

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It should be noted that Albania has a total consumption of 31 000 t, and it has a population of less 2 889 000 inhabitants. It is followed by Algeria with 6.1 kg, Turkey and Lebanon oscillate between 4.2 and 4.0 kg; Egypt and Jordan report 3.7 kg and 3.3 kg respectively; Israel and Libya 2.6 kg and 2.3 kg and Tunisia 1.8 kg. Consumption is
shared out among the other countries within a scale of 0.9 kg to 0.6 kg of table olives a year (in decreasing order: Uruguay, Morocco, Argentina, Iran and Iraq).

Consumption in the countries of the European Union has increased over this period by 78.4%, going from 346 500 t in 1990/91 to 618 000 t in 2016/17. Graph 3, which tracks the consumption of table olives per inhabitant and year, identifies Spain, which is the main producer, as the main consumer with 4.1 kg, followed by Cyprus with 3.1 kg, Malta
with 1.9kg, Greece and Luxembourg with 1.8 kg each, Bulgaria and Italy both post 1.7 kg and Romania 1.1 kg. In decreasing order, consumption in France, Sweden Belgium, Slovakia, Austria, the United Kingdom and Denmark lies between 0.9 and 0.5 kg.

Consumption in other countries of the European Union (Slovenia, Lithuania, Finland, Czech Republic, Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland, Estonia, Hungary, Croatia and Latvia) stands between 0.4 and 0.2 kg.

Graph 4 tracks the consumption of table olives per inhabitant and year in the group of countries that are not members of the IOC. Syria is the first consumer in this group of countries with 5kg/inhabitant/year, followed by Palestine and Chile, which oscillate between 2.5 kg and 2.1 kg.

Peru and Saudi Arabia report between 1.3 kg and 1.1 kg; they are followed by Australia, Canada and Switzerland with 0.8 kg each; the United States and Brazil have consumption of 0.6kg and 0.5 kg respectively, and Russia and Mexico each report a consumption of 0.2 kg.

Source: International Olive Council MARKET NEWSLETTER No 112 – January 2017

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