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Her parents retired to Athens in 1994, then moved 165 km north to Tithorea.

“My mom has MS and the climate in Athens with all the pollution affected her so they sold the house and moved to the village,” Tsagias said. “They inherited 350 olive trees from my grandparents and my dad is part of a co-op.”

Greece has always been a central part of her father’s plans for the family.

“The intent was that when we finished school my sister and I would move back to Greece with my parents,” said Tsagias. “That was their hope and dream.”

Tsagias and her husband, Alex Faraldo, met in Brampton in 1990 and were married three years later in Athens, where they lived from 1993 to 2002.

Their oldest daughter, Maria Dolores, 17, was born in Athens and is in her first year of medical school in British Columbia.

Their youngest daughter, Evangeline, 11, was born in Etobicoke. She goes to school in Rockwood, where the family has lived for the last five years.

Tsagias graduated from York University in 2010 with a degree in political science and up until a month ago drove school bus for Sharp Bus Lines of Guelph.

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