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Olives grown in the soil below Mount Parnassus near the Greek village of Tithorea produce some of the best olive oil in the world, so Dora Tsagias was elated when her father called and said he was sending some to her.

“I was excited because I hadn’t got a tin of olive oil in so long,” said Tsagias. “He said 2,000 bottles are on their way in two weeks. When I asked what am I going to do with 2,000 bottles, he said you are going to find a store and you are going to open it and sell olive oil from it.”

Less than three months later Tsagias opened Tithorea.

“The people here at the Old Quebec Street mall were so kind,” she said. “We negotiated really quickly. They gave me the keys to the store on Feb 15. Two weeks later I had my oil and my opening.”

She knew there was demand for the olive oil but wasn’t sure they could sustain the business selling that alone.

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