Thermal conditioning to increase quality parameters of EVOO

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Thermal conditioning of olive paste comes into the mill contributing to the increase in quality parameters of extra virgin olive oil.

The Thermal Conditioning Module consists in a highly efficient tubular heat exchanger installed in the line after the crusher, able to bring down the olive paste temperature immediately before sending it to malaxer for gradual heating and consequent release of oil.

During the last few decades Institutions, International organizations and producers have made a major effort to increase consumers’ awareness of Extra Virgin Olive Oil culture, taste quality and health benefits. Simultaneously, the olive oil industry had increased its interest in quality production, fruit selection and differentiation of characteristics in order to satisfy the widest range of consumers and also gain new potential markets.

As is deeply demonstrated in the literature, the fundamental basis to produce excellent olive oil quality and differentiate his characteristics, are in the olive fruit and in particular in healthy fruit at the right stage of ripeness at harvesting. That knowledge helps to move ahead of time year by year the milling period with respect to the usual traditional beliefs of the past. Looking at quality production and moving ahead of time the mill processing period brings the harvest climate closer and closer to the outdoor autumn temperature as opposed to the traditional outdoor winter temperature.

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