The ups and downs of olive oil prices in Greece

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Last week the olive oil price, went up touching the threshold of 4 euros/ kilo. More specifically, the Athinoelia variety, popular in the Italian industry, was sold for 3,9756 euros/ kilo, at auction held at the Agios Dimitrios- Talanta Monemvasia cooperative (South Laconia, Peloponnese).

In the meantime, different areas in Greece have seen fresh olive oil from Koroneiki variety of olives climbing as far as 3,5 euros/ kilo (3,65 delivery to Italy by adding transport costs)

This week brings falling prices and steep reductions in demand and buying concern by the part of the Italian industry and commerce. As a result, Koroneiki olive oil prices went from 3,65 to 3,30 euros/ kilo (always for delivery to Italy, which means 0,15 for the miller and even lower for the producer).

In Crete, where the harvest and milling has just started, prices seem to move to slightly lower rates.

At the same time, the first olive oil sales in Tunisia are shipped to Italy at 2,93 euros/ kilo, a price which is considered high by the bottling industry.

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