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The market share of olive oil in large distribution in France stood at 25.2% reaching 65,765 tons, as recorded in the 2015 Activity Report of the French Interprofessional of Olive Oil (Afidol).

Ahead of olive oil and with 40% of market share and 104,381 tons stands sunflower oil, followed by combined oils (38,493 tons and 14.8% of share), soybean and rapeseed oils (26,428 tons is and 10.1% of share), frying oil (20,562 tons and 7.9% of share) and peanut oil (5,023 tons and a 2% of share).

The report also detailed that the average selling price of olive oil stood at 5.92 euros, rising to 6.50 euros in the case of organic olive oil.

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