The olive oil market becomes “ turbulent”

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There is a lot of talk about Syria. For this reason it is important to mention that although its olive trees are full of fruits that could give 140.000-150.000 tons of olive oil, nevertheless the production will be much smaller. The reason for this is the political situation in Syria and the events that are taking place the last years in this suffering country. Due to that the producers cannot focus on their peaceful tasks.

In the Iberian Peninsula Portugal is following the example of Spain with 50,000 tons after the record of the last year of the 100.000 tons.

The rest remain the same as we have many times mentioned not only recently but also in the past. That is to say that the sudden ups and downs are very dangerous and finally they are not good neither for the producers in the long term. What is needed is a logical and steady growth which can be supported by the market, the industry and the consumers.

Article by Vassilis Zampounis source

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