The Olive Oil Industry's the most Innovative equipment trade shows in Spain

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Oil Mill Machinery, Equipment and Packing Show (Oleomaq) and the Olive-Growing Equipment and Techniques Show (Oleotec) are two top-level events in terms of exhibiting quality and volume of visitors and exhibitors, adapting to the needs of the olive market and offering the latest technological innovations and the most advanced machinery applied to the oil industry.

Both Spanish shows have been growing in size and in recognition and become the best showcase to display the new techniques of industrialization in the oil market. This edition will occupy Halls 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the Feria de Zaragoza (Saragossa, Spain).

It is according to its organizers, a great event for professionals who, in the same space without displacement may spot and check the quality of the equipment for bottling and processing and the equipment for packaging and mills as well and laboratory materials.

Oleomaq and Oleotec will hold its fifth edition again coinciding with the 20th International Exhibition of Machinery and Equipment for Winery and Bottling (Enomaq); the 9th International Exhibition of Equipment and Techniques in Viticulture (Tecnovid); and the 4th International Exhibition of Techniques for Fruit and Vegetables (Fruyver).

In the last edition, which took place in February 2013, these shows received a total of 24,175 trade visitors from 31 countries. In addition, 92.8% of exhibitors rated “average good” to the contacts established during the four-day celebration of these events, while highlighted the quality of professional actions taken.

These events are a key point for professionals such as producers, manufacturers, importers, exporters, technicians, specialists and the media, who find in these shows a great showcase of the latest machinery and technologies applied to the oil industry.

Oleomaq and Oleotec which include parallel activities such as Technical Seminars and the Technological Innovations Competition.

Technical Seminars
Among the activities to be carried out under both events highlight the technical conferences scheduled in which questions of great interest to the olive sector will be addressed.

According to its organizers, a problem that worries the industry today is the dynamic for the choice of varieties. Markets evolve with great dynamism and development of technology and its application is constantly changing. In his sense, the choice of varieties is essential, taking a holistic view of how they can affect the rest of the food chain and adaptation of new technological processes.

To answer these questions speakers of the seminar will discuss this issue on Thursday February 26th. Specifically, Luis Rallo, professor at the University of Córdoba, will analyze the choice of olive varieties to produce olive oil; while Ángel Luis González, former CEO of Pieralisi Spain and member of the Aragonese Academy of Gastronomy, will address the importance of variety in the production and conservation of olive oil.

Meanwhile, Jorge Pena, director of Marketing and Strategy of Sovena, will address status and perspectives of the different varieties in the marketing of olive oil in the domestic and international market.

The day will end with a discussion moderated by Felipe Gómez de Valenzuela, from Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias of Aragon.

Technological Innovations Competition
Another activity that will take place within the framework of these shows will be the contest “Technological Innovations” that has rewarded eleven products and equipment to be exhibited at the fairgrounds of Feria de Zaragoza and in which are rated the research and management quality and environment, and the quality and safety of the machine.

In total there have been submitted to the contest 36 innovations, from which the jury highlighted the high technological level of this edition.

Among the innovations in our industry highlight Virtual Glass, from Verallia Saint Gobain Vicasa, SA, “a 3D simulator to visualize a packaged product combining glass bottles, labels and capsules”.

Also the Flexible system for transporting bottles, from Gruppo Bertolaso ​​SpA (Italy), “which aims to manage and carry cylindrical bottles of different sizes without changing the various accessories”; the Agroptima Application, by Agroptima, SL, “an application of agricultural management on mobile and cloud”; the T4 Special SUPERSTEER Tractor, from New Holland, with “standard flatbed cab adapted to the lines between crops”; and the Guideline for Tall Trees, by Teyme Agricultural, SL, an “aerodynamic supplement to the application of pesticides in plantations of tall trees”.

The aim of this event, organized by Feria de Zaragoza, is to recognize the efforts of companies in R+D.


The new Fattoria of Pieralisi
Pieralisi will present at the event its new version of the Fattoria continuous system, designed for productions around 400 kg. of oliver per hour. It is a continuous system designed and manufactured by the company to meet the production requirements of small producers.

The idea came from the demands of small mills, as reported Pieralisi in a statement.

The new model Fattoria also revolutionizing the aesthetic level, as it is designed for small producers to keep seeking the ways to develop an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. The farmer can process the olives on the same day of collection, thereby obtaining a top quality oil mainly due to the careful preparation, hygiene and controls offered by this system.

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