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Olive Oil Cosmetics

The recent years the olive oil is being used to cosmetic industry. The trend of finding physical and ecological products led to the establishment of new products for body care. Creams, shampoos and other products have gained a big share of the market. Those cosmetics that are clinically tested and derive from olive oil are first quality products that do not provoke allergies.

Olive Oil Soap

The soap has the property when mixed with water to remove the dirt from clothes and body. The olive oil soap has either green or white color and is pure and friendly to the human skin and at the same time it gives hydration and physical protection to the skin.

It is not toxic and therefore the body care and the washing of clothes are definitely recommended. It is widely used because it is non-toxic, friendly to the environment and very effective.

Olive Oil & Gastrointestinal System

In this case the olive oil has protective action. Recent research proves that its consumption leads to the decrease of stomach cancer. In the enteron it increases the absorption of calcium and contributes in the protection of women against osteoporosis.

For the liver the olive oil consumption is also very important as it contributes in the normal function of hepatic cells, it diminishes the production of low density cholesterol (LDL) and at the same time it augments the production of high density cholesterol (HDL).
In cases of gastric ulcer olive oil is still very beneficial as it decreases the excretion of gastric acid.

Olive Oil & Urinary System

Among the cancers that are considered to have close connection with the nutrition the cancer of prostate is included. The consumption of saturated fat augments the metastatic phenomenon, i.e. the ability of cancer to make metastasis, while the consumption of olive oil leads to inhibition of the metastasis. Moreover the olive oil protects the kidneys from the toxic action of other fat or medicines and therefore diminishes the occasion of nephric deficiency.

Olive Oil & Diabetes

Great quantity of vegetables and generally the philosophy of Greek traditional nutrition are considered to be nowadays the ideal trophic model against diabetes. In cases of diabetes type II most dietitians consult to patients that they should cover 40-50% of the daily calories with complex carbohydrates, 10-20% with proteins and the remaining 30-40% with monounsaturated oils and specially olive oil.

Olive Oil & Cancer

It is widely believed that olive oil provides protection against cancer and especially for some particular types, such as the breast cancer. The decrease of the appearance of such cancer due to the consumption of olive oil varies from 30 to 50 per cent.

It is worth mentioning that in Greece in areas where people consume only olive oil, the cases of breast cancer represents the 1/3 of the cases of United States. According to recent research the olive oil protects against other types of cancer as well, namely endometrial, gonads, prostate, stomach and liver cancer. Another recent research showed that olive oil may contribute in cancer of pancreas.

Along with olive oil, the most effective nutrition against cancer would consist of small consumption of meat and daily consumption of herbs, vegetables, fruits and legumes.

Cardiovascular Disease

The consumption of olive oil contributes in the decrease or elimination of the appearance coronary disease and other cardiovascular diseases. It has been proved that the appearance of such diseases is relevant to hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure and smoking. The increased cholesterol of blood plays important role to the appearance of coronary disease. Consequently, the nutrition is vital to the prevention of such diseases.
The nutrition of West and North Europeans consists mainly of saturated fat, which leads to increased levels of cholesterol of low density. On the other hand, those who follow the Mediterranean nutrition and thus they consume a great quantity of olive oil, their low density cholesterol is in lower levels, while the high density cholesterol (the good cholesterol) is higher.

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