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In one corner, a sign announces a selection of Rem-E-Teas — freshly-made premixed teas for ailments, or to mix your own. Their website has a chart of herbal remedies for aches and pains.

“We especially recommend our Olive Leaf Tea and we have many different blends,” said Deirdre Davis. “This tea has been used for centuries and studies have proven its health benefits.”

“Anything that contains olive oil is good for your skin, your hair and can help lower the levels of cholesterol and blood pressure,” she said.

Along with helping care for the trees and making products, colleagues Cruz and Bare coordinate some of the many workshops offered.

Workshops include making clay, potpourri, oil-burning lamps, mosaic pots, knitting, living wreaths and sand art, caring for bonsai olive trees and more. Workshops are held either on weekends or by appointment.

“A favorite is the Greek Mythology workshop specially for children,” said Cruz. “The kids learn through stories, enjoy a healthy snack and get to join a workshop.”

Also, olive trees are sold at the business’ nursery or shipped. Prices start at $20 for a sapling. Quantities as large as 100 trees are available.

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