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The couple bought about 4 acres on Rester Drive in Brooksville. They called their venture “The Olive Grove.” It is at 15016 Rester Drive.

“Olive trees can thrive on small acreage,” Deirdre Davis said, “and we have room to grow herbs and vegetables organically as well.”

Now, three years later, the couple has planted about 200 trees that are thriving and producing good crops every year — enough olives that they expanded the operation to include food tastings and educational workshops to promote the health benefits and full potential of olives.

“We planted three varieties of trees. Arbquina, arbosana and koroneiki because they enjoy the direct sun, are drought-tolerant and can withstand cold temperatures,” she said.

The trees now stand about 8 feet tall and have thin blue-gray leaves. They can begin producing fruit within two years of planting so they quickly become a great addition to a culinary garden, she said.

“Olive trees make great indoor plants and grow well in containers. They are also popular as landscape plants as well because of the color of the leaves,” Deirdre Davis said.

When the Davises bought their property, there was an A-frame house in poor repair on the land. The house now is refurbished and used to hold workshops and as a shop to display produce.

All around the house grow patches of mint, rosemary, sage and lavender, basil and aromatic lemongrass that Deirdre Davis harvests, dries and makes into extracts.

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