The IOC reviews the international organoleptic method

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Report on US imports
On the other hand, the IOC has just published a report on the olive oil market in the United States that places Italy as its main supplier of bottled oil. Specifically, 41.8% of imports are from Italy -of which 24% is EVOO, 11% olive oil and 5% Organic EVOO-.

Spain ranks as the second supplier to the US, with 11.6% of imported bottled oil, followed by Greece (1.4%), Tunisia (1.3%) and Turkey (1%). In all of them, the most demanded category is Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Now, while Italy leads the market for bottled oils in bulk market, the main supplier is Spain. In fact, during the last campaign, 41% of the oil imported by the United States came in bulk, of which 28% came from Spain, followed by Tunisia (4%), Argentina (3%) and Italy (2 %). In this case, the most demanded category of oil is Virgin Olive Oil.
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