The IOC reviews the international organoleptic method

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Campaign in Japan and grants
The IOC also informed its Members of the modalities of implementation of the promotional campaign in Japan and, more specifically, the results of the exploratory meeting on January 26th in Tokyo with representatives of the embassies of the member countries of the IOC, associations and Japanese communication agencies.

In addition, the Executive Secretariat reminded the heads of delegations that the deadline for applying for grants of 5,000 euros for technical assistance or generic promotion ends on February 13th; and the deadline for receipt of the records of nominees for the eight seminars conducted by the IOC in 2015 to train leaders of tasting panel in Jaén (Spain) on March 2nd.

Finally, the participation of the IOC in Climolive was approved and will be presented to the European Commission for funding. The aim of Climolive is to consolidate a network of 22 olive germplasm banks as a benchmark for the conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources.

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