The IOC reviews the international organoleptic method

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The 23rd special session of the Council of Members of the IOC took place last week. During the meeting, representatives of Albania, Algeria, Argentina, the European Union, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia and Uruguay addressed some key issues such as the method of organoleptic assessment established internationally or commercial standard COI applicable to olive oils and olive pomace.

The purpose of international organoleptic assessment method is to determine the procedure for assessing the organoleptic characteristics of virgin olive oil; and to establish the method for classification based on these characteristics. In this regard, the IOC reviewed issues and specific vocabulary related to virgin olive oil, the standards established for conducting the tasting, the aims of the leaders of the tasting panels, optimal conditions for the test and procedure assessment of organoleptic characteristics; among other technical issues.

Members addressed the review of the IOC trade standard applying to olive oils and olive-pomace oils; with particular attention to reducing to 2.5% the lower limit of the content of linoleic acid that oils produced from olives harvested at an early stage of maturity may reflect.


During the special session, other issues were discussed such as the adoption of a single method for measuring methyl esters of fatty acids, the revision of the method for spectrophotometric analysis of olive oil in the ultraviolet analysis and extension of alcohols triterpene on the scope of the method of determination of aliphatic alcohols.

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