The IOC announces grants for technical cooperation and promotion

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The International Olive Council (IOC) has announced grants for technical cooperation and organization of promotional and scientific events related to olive oil and table olives carried out in member countries.

In both calls, the IOC has reported on its website that the deadline for the receipt of applications by its Executive Secretariat will be July 15th.

According to the agency, the proposed initiatives should have a clear promotional value from the advocacy and technical cooperation point of view. It also has to be in line with the objectives set by the International Agreement on Olive Oil and Table Olives.

In the case of promotional activities, these subsidies will be granted to events or actions that take place between September 1st 2014 and March 31st, 2015 and its objective will be to provide financial support for initiatives aimed at increasing knowledge on the quality of olive products in both the public and the scientific community and encourage cooperation between all members of the IOC.

Also, the activities can be educational and information campaigns or scientific seminars showing the chemical and organoleptic features of olive products as well as their nutritional and healthy properties.

Specifically, initiatives chosen for funding will have to be related in particular to the organization of seminars, exhibitions, symposia and workshops; information points at food and nutrition fairs; the creation of promotional materials (brochures, CDs, books, etc.); and inviting international experts to participate in organized activities.

The purpose of these grants is to promote integrated and sustainable development of the sector and transfer of technology activities and training in order to modernize the olive grove and the olive oil industry and improve product quality.

In turn, these iniciatives seek to improve the interaction between olive cultivation, industry and the environment; promote comprehensive utilization of olive products; organize activities focussed on preserving olive gene banks.

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