The second edition of Mario Solina's PRIZE WINNERS & FINALISTS

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The second edition of the International Olive Council’s Mario Solinas Quality Award 2015 drew 37 entries from Argentina (2), Australia (1), Chile (2), Greece (1), Italy (2), Peru (1), Portugal (20), Spain (7) and Uruguay (1).

Individual producers, producers’ associations or packers in any producer country could enter extra virgin olive oils for the competition. According to the competition rules released in June 2014, the entries for this second edition were classified in one of the following sections on the basis of the median intensity of their fruitiness: Green fruitiness, Intense fruitiness, Medium fruitiness, Mild fruitiness and Ripe fruitiness.

All the entries were assessed by the international panel of judges for this second edition who selected the six oils with the highest scores in each section. Next, the international panel selected the winner of the first prize in each section according to a special 100-point score sheet which marks the oils for their olfactory, gustatory and retronasal sensations and their harmony, complexity and persistence. The judges also proposed the second and third prize winners and finalists except in the intense green fruitiness section for which no third prize or finalist was proposed, and the ripe fruitiness section for which no second prize, third prize or finalist was proposed.


First prize

Intense green fruitiness:
Azienda Agricola Leone Sabino, Canosa di Puglia (Barletta) – Italy

Medium green fruitiness:
Murtigão – Sociedade Agricola, S.A., Elvas – Portugal

Mild green fruitiness:
Victor Guedes, S.A., Abrantes – Portugal

Ripe fruitiness:
Celso Hernâni Gastalho Madeira, Vilar de Amargo – Portugal

Second prize

Intense green fruitiness:
Torres Morente, S.A., Escúzar (Granada) – Spain

Medium green fruitiness:
Frantoio Romano, Ponte (Benevento) – Italy

Mild green fruitiness:
Sociedade Agrícola Vale do Ouro, S.A., Ferreira do Alentejo – Portugal

Third prize

Medium green fruitiness:
Castillo de Canena Olive Juice, S.L., Canena (Jaén) – Spain

Mild green fruitiness:
Elaia Lagar – Produção e Comercialização de Azeites, S. A., Ferreira do Alentejo – Portugal


Medium green fruitiness:
•1st – Jerónimo Pedro Mendonça de Abreu e Lima, Mirandela – Portugal
•2nd – Boundary Bend Olives, Victoria – Australia 3rd Sociedad Exportadora Olivares de Quepo, S.A., Talca – Chile

Mild green fruitiness:
•1st – Sovena – Portugal Consumer Goods, S.A., Algés – Portugal
•2nd – Oasis Olives, S.A.C., Lima – Peru
•3rd – Filipe José de Albuquerque Roboredo Madeira, Vilar de Amargo – Portugal

All the competitors can now break the seal of the tank holding the batch of oil they entered for the competition.

The winners are allowed to announce the prize on the labels of the extra virgin olive oil belonging to the same batch as the winning sample and can obtain a special logo from the Executive Secretariat for this purpose. The Awards ceremony will be held on 29 June 2015 during the Fancy Food Show in New York (United States).

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