Fair SIAL Canada will host a new edition of the Olive d'Or

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The International Fair SIAL Canada, to be held in Toronto from 28 to 30th April 2015, will host a new edition of the Olive d’Or, the International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Award, which in 2014 was attended by over 110 EVOOs from 14 countries.

The Olive d’Or Award is the only contest in north America to offer access to nearly 14,000 food professionals, of which 44% are from the retail industry and 27% from food service (figures from SIAL Canada 2013).
sial canada 2015Participants must determine in which category they want their olive oil to be presented in. There are 4 different categories:
Ripe fruitiness, Light Fruit Flavour, Medium Fruit Flavour, Strong Fruit Flavour.

How to classify?
Ripe fruitiness: a set of olfactory sensations characteristic of the oil produced from healthy, fresh fruit that’s harvested later in the season. The oil is sweet, with little or no bitterness or pungency and with an aroma of
ripe fruit, dried fruit, yellow or red fruit, as well as floral notes.

Light Fruit Flavour: little or no sharpness or bitterness, mild taste, subtle and sweet flavor.
Medium Fruit Flavour: sharp, with moderate bitterness, strong vegetable notes, with a long finish.
Strong Fruit Flavour: strong, sharp and bitter (peppery), intense vegetable notes (artichoke, tomato, tomato plant, green banana, etc.), long and refined finish, a smooth, oily feeling on the palate, with a long aftertaste.

Each participant can register one or several products. However, only two products per participant per category are allowed.

The selection of winners will be held under the rules and ethics of International Olive Oil Council (COI) by an independent jury.
The result s will be announced during the SIAL Canada show. 1st selection will take place from 26 to 27 April.

Product reception deadline is April 10th.


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