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Somewhere in the region of 800,000 tonnes of bulk olive oil were sold during the 2011-12 season.
This figure is an estimate, since the customs data does not distinguish between packaged and bulk exports.


• Spain is by far the world’s largest supplier of bulk edible oil.

• Other producing countries, mainly Greece, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Turkey and Argentina, are involved to a lesser extent in this large market.

• The market for bulk edible oils is especially well-developed in the EU, with Italy, France and Portugal being the main buyers.

• Italy is the world’s largest buyer. Imports make up their domestic market deficit and are also re-exported as bottled oil to the rest of the world.

• The main importing countries (including the USA, Brazil, Japan, Canada and Australia) acquire primarily packaged products, although many bulk oil transactions also take place.

In olive oil bulk trade can be used the following transportation options for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Pure Olive Oil, and Olive Pomace Oil:

Drum 58 Gallons – 220 Liters
IMG_1204Heavy-duty food grade plastic drum constructed of low-density polyethylene able to contain liquids at temperatures up to 180°F. These rugged drums are designed for reconditioning and reuse without inner liners or polyethylene bags. May stack up to 4 high for transport or storage. FDA and USDA approved. Closed Head Drums have standard hung configuration of a 2″ NPT and one 2″ buttress. The extra large molded lifting ring improves drum handling.

Tote  275 Gallons – 1,014 Liters
IMG_1205A 275 gallon food grade quality tote container with a 8″ bung on top and a 2″ threaded valve on the bottom. Length 48″, Width 39″, Height 46″. Space saving storage containers are great for multi-trip applications. Easy to fill, stack, and load and unload. FDA compliant steel cage is hot-dipped galvanized. Pallet base is made from both steel and plastic. Includes inner storage tank made from white plastic with UV-blocking additive. Complete unit is UN approved- UN 31HA1Y.

Flexitank 5,812 Gallons – 22,000 Liters
IMG_1206ISO 9001:2000 standards
Composed of four-layer PE inner film with a thickness of 0.125mm and a single coating of PP woven fabric of 220g/M with high strength and wear resistance. The feeding valve comes with either a 2″ ball valve, 3″ butterfly valve, or 4″ butterfly valve on the top of the flexitank. The discharge valve has either a 3″ or 4″ butterfly valve on the bottom front of the flexitank.

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