The importance of Website in the olive oil Business

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Currently, there a is tremendous competition in the International market because of the globalization of business transactions. Brands that represent products and services have become indispensable, representing, in some cases, 70% of its value. And we are not just talking about material value, we are speaking of intangible value, the most important of all.

The brand is the element that identifies and differentiates us from the competition. Therefore it must always be accompanied by the company’s personality, reputation and experience.

Marketing is currently focused on fighting for dominance through brand positioning, so it is no longer enough to obtain a mere protection, there is a need of market research, positioning, strategies and an appropriate brand design.

Speaking of the olive oil sector, this need is even more pronounced, because for many years companies have not responded to the claims that the market was demanding and very few olive oil brands have now a brand design according to their product, their market or even their philosophy.

We are therefore facing a good time to exploit brand image. Olive oil demand continues to increase in foreign countries, and that’s where most deficiencies can appear behind an apparently serious and professional brand image which can really damage the customer’s trust. It’s time to renew our image and provide a more modern, fresh and updated vision of the sector.

How to take the first step

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