The Giving Tree: An Introduction to Greek Olive Oil

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Protolado Statir
Protolado refers to the first pressing of oil. Statir’s unfiltered oil is produced by Dimitris Portolos in Chalkidiki, Northern Greece, from Chondroelies olives using cold extraction. Each year, usually in early November, Statir releases a limited number of bottles pressed from the latest harvest, and we always rush to bring some home to enjoy its profoundly fruity, kicky flavors drizzled on salads and to finish most of our dishes.

Astarti Exclusive
After studying agronomy and organic agriculture in Crete and the Netherlands, Harry Tzortzopoulos returned home to Kythira to cultivate olives. The extra-virgin Astarti Exclusive is pressed from organically farmed Koroneiki olives and offers remarkable complexity, with both delicate and peppery notes.

Whatever oil you take home, be sure to store it in a dark and cool place, ideally in a tightly shut glass or tin vessel to keep the contents from oxidizing and going rancid. The fresher the better: it’s best to consume the olive oil within six to 12 months.
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