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The EVOOLEUM Guide of the TOP100 World’s Best EVOOs recognized in the EVOOLEUM Awards, an International Quality Competition for Extra Virgin Olive Oils called by these two entities to be delivered each year in a different European capital.

The initiative, which began to take shape three years ago, will be released in 2016 based on three pillars: assurance, rigor and independence. In EVOOLEUM, the best tasters worldwide will rate every sample submitted, which will be sorted and characterized organoleptically. The results of the Competition will obtain each year a global diffusion through an exclusive Guide which will be presented in a careful detailed publication aimed at consumers, distribution and restaurateurs around the world.

But what is EVOOLEUM? Primarily it intends to be a useful tool and 100% reliable for the consumer and international olive sector, consisting of a list of the 100 World’s Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils, obtained from the most rigorous, objective and independent process of valuation and classification based on encryption keys that scrupulously respect the rules established by the International Olive Council (IOC) and ensure that the most fruity, balanced and harmonious juices will be classified.

Thus, a group of renowned worldwide expert tasters will be responsible for conducting the evaluation of the organoleptic quality of the EVOOs submitted to the contest each campaign (the first, 2015/16), originating the exclusive World’s TOP100 EVOOs in its different categories and geographical areas.

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