The Best Greek Olive Oils for 2014 at the NYIOOC

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Nineteen Greek olive oils earned a coveted spot as ‘one of the world’s best’ at this year’s New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC). The judges awarded a majority of them, 12 in all, Gold Award status. Overall, it was a record number of awards given to Greek producers at the yearly competition. Greece remains one of the top olive oil producing nations in the world and boasts the highest consumption of olive oil per person.

Brand (Producer)
Athena XV Olive Oil (Athena Oil Inc.)Gold AwardMediumKoroneiki
Bonum Terrae (Bonum Terrae S.A.)Gold AwardRobustKoroneiki
Esti Early Harvest (Greek Land Foods Ltd)Gold AwardMediumKoroneiki
Evo3 (Efstratios Kamatsos)Silver AwardDelicateBlend
Gaea Kalamata Dop (Gaea Products S.A.)Gold AwardDelicateKoroneiki
Helea Premium Greek (Helea)Silver AwardDelicateKoroneiki
Jordan Olivenoel (Jordan Olivenoel Gmbh)Gold AwardRobustBlend
Jordan Olivenoel Bio (Jordan Olivenoel Gmbh)Silver AwardDelicateBlend
Ktimata Kyklopas (Kyklopas Olive Mill Kelidis Argyris S.A.)Gold AwardRobustMakris
Laconiko (Our Family’S Olive Oil Llc)Silver AwardMediumKoroneiki
Ladinio Pdo Kalamata (Mediterranean Olive House)Silver AwardMediumKoroneiki
Mani Bläuel (Friedrich Bläuel & Co Ltd)Gold AwardMediumKoroneiki
My Land (Epidaurus Olive Fields)Silver AwardMediumManaki
My Olive Tree (My Olive Tree – M.Karelas Bros Co.)Gold AwardMediumKoroneiki
Oleajuice – Tender (Olea Groves)Silver AwardMediumBlend
Olive Mill Kyklopas (Kyklopas Olive Mill Kelidis Argyris S.A.)Gold AwardMediumBlend
Selene (Olio Reddo)Gold AwardMediumKoroneiki
St. Olive – Single Harvest Series (Hellenic Premium Exports P.C.)Gold AwardMediumKoroneiki
Stories Of Greek Origins-Sitia Crete P.D.O (Artion Greek Foods)Silver AwardRobustKoroneiki

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