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Everything began in far 1810. The year in which the company was founded should be framed. Not in many companies the control stands firmly in the founder family’s hands.

The ability to innovate is at the roots of a success which searches strength and a distinctive point in its stability. Now this historic brand, owned by ‘Oleificio Zucchi’, updates. It is not enough to just have good content, and therefore quality and variety of products, besides a competitive business structure.

Image, too, has its own importance. To cast one’s mind into the future means updating the appearance presented on the outside, in order to adapt it to evolving times, but also to characterize one’s identity, making it different and more peculiar in comparison with other ones. From a distance, the new appearance of ‘Zucchi’ olive oils may just seem superficial, but it is actually substantial, even bold.

This happens starting from the labels, in pastel shades, which refer to an unusual profile and now characterize the whole range of olive oils. Everything is enhanced, even such products as marc oil, or olive oil itself. This project is realized without neglecting, of course, the extra virgin olive oil in all its forms, from 100% Italian oil to the one, always of Italian origin, but coming from organic farming, up to extra virgin oils which come from the Countries of the European Union.

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