The American market will have a leading role during the 5th World Olive Oil Exhibition

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The World Olive Oil Exhibiton (WOOE) continues to work towards and to foster the olive oil quality and the international olive oil commerce. The WOOE will be held on the 2nd and 3rd of March 2016 at Madrid’s IFEMA.

Being the biggest worldwide olive oil market outside the Mediterranean region, and with an olive oil consumption of nearly 300.000 tonnes, the United States will hold a prominent position at the following WOOE, which will be held on the 2nd and 3rd of March 2016, with an important attendance of American importers and companies.

This year, the 4th World Olive Oil Exhibition became established as the biggest Spanish trade fair exclusively devoted to the olive oil sector. The World Olive Oil Exhibition is the business meeting point for buyers, producers and packers from the entire olive oil industry, where the most prestigious brands of EVOO will have an outstanding presence.

The WOOE is an event devoted to business, but it is also a forum for debate and international dialogue, which are key features for the sector’s development and for commercial relations among the fair’s attendees.

Some of the speakers for the 2016 Cycle of Conferences:
• Aris Kefalogiannis CEO at GAEA Products, Greece
• Maria Reyes, Director, Vendor Management at KeHE Distributors, USA
• Leandro Ravetti, Technical Director at Boundary Bend, Australia
• Andries Rabie, Managing Director at Willow Creek Olive Estate, South-Africa
• Zain Khan, OLIVA International, India

Objectives of the WOOE
Open new markets and business opportunities for olive oils. Increase the profitability in the sale of olive oils, by bringing together producers and end buyers in the leading global markets Increase the knowledge and value of the characteristics and health attributes of the different types and varieties of olive oil and of their culinary uses and qualities.

Exhibitor and visitors
The meeting is aimed only at professionals involved in the olive oil business: producers and traders, financial institutions, insurance, logistic and international transport companies and media representatives.

• Participation of all categories of olive oil, from high end quality EVOO to refined olive oil and olive pomace oil.
• Oil Bar, with samples of most of the exhibitors.

• Guided extra virgin olive oil tastings, focusing on the different varieties and origins.
• Lectures on key aspects of olive oil and the main olive oil markets by relevant international specialists.
• Exhibitors of delicatessen and cosmetic products using olive oil in the elaboration process.
• Show cooking area, with inspirational work of the use of olive oil by renowned cooks.
Spain is the world’s largest producer and exporter country of olive oil.
The USA is the largest olive oil market outside the Mediterranean basin with a year consumption of 300.000 tones of olive oil.
WOOE 2015 was attended by buyers and traders from 37 countries around the world.

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