The 9th International Olive Oil Competition "ARMONIA"

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The fee for participating in the contest is € 126,00 for each type of oil.

“Trophy IRVEA” Awarded to the First and Second top oils in the final rankings originating from the two hemisphere in each of the categories of fruitiness: Light, Medium, Intense. The next 10 oils following the second in the final rankings of each category will receive a “Gran Mention Diploma”.

Oils with the best chemical composition a “Trophy” will be awarded to the 3 (three) oils with the best chemical composition, plus 5 “Gran Mention Diploma” for oils originating from each hemisphere.

Special recognition “PACKAGING & COMUNICATION”: Competition aimed at assessing the communicative impact of the packaging and label graphics for all the participating oils.

Introduced in previous editions of the competition, during the award ceremony of Trophy IRVEA, will be held the competition “Armonie in Cucina”, in which will compete through the creation of dishes made with the winners oils, looking for the best combination food-oil, the best chefs of Italian Cooking Schools participating at the “Oleum Sapiens” project.

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