The 9th International Olive Oil Competition "ARMONIA"

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The IRVEA – Istituto per la Ricerca e la Valorizzazione delle Eccellenze Agroalimentari and International Extravirgin Oliveoil Agency announce the 9th International Olive Oil Competition “ARMONIA”.

The goals of the contest are to stimulate olive growers and oil producers to improve the quality of their product and to promote the harmonization of flavors through the use of high-quality extra-virgin olive oil in combination with food in the schools of gourmet cooking and gastronomy and in restaurants in Italy and abroad; to promote the knowledge and appreciation of healthful and nutritional properties of highquality extra-virgin olive oils and of the Mediterranean diet in schools of all types, particularly in gourmet cooking and gastronomy schools and in restaurants in Italy and abroad; to encourage the study of high-quality extra-virgin olive oils to increase the numbers of olive oil tasters internationally and with the collaboration of Italian and international universities and research institutes, through the organization of courses and development of educational materials with the Elaioteca Internazionale (olive oil tasting and study room) in the International Cooking Schools in New York, Toronto, Montreal, Heidelberg, Tokyo, Sao Paulo do Brasil and Seoul.

High-quality extra-virgin olive oils of any origin, Italian or international may be submitted to the “ARMONIA” contest. The application must be correctly prepared and submitted within the indicated time frame.

Companies should send at their own expense no. 6 bottles for each sample participant accompanied by the required documentation in the “Contest Rules” to the Award Secretariat “Armonia” – Trophy IRVEA (via Nursina 2 – 06049 – Spoleto – PG, Italy).

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