The 22nd extraordinary meeting of IOC in Madrid

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Specifically, members will discuss the studies that are being conducted righ now, about relations with other standards comitees or olive oil controls in non-member importing countries, among other topics.

Also, the Executive Secretariat will present the results of the various projects under implementation (Irrigaolivo, Resgen, demonstration nurseries, international olive germplasm collections, carbon footprint…), as well as the training activities organized by the IOC (doctorates, intensive specialization courses, chromatograms workshop and course on sensory evaluation of table olives) and the technical assistance grants program. In addition, the Committee will consider proposals for 2015.

That same day the Promotion Committee meeting will have place in order to discuss the development of the promotion campaign in Brazil, the events planned as part of the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York and subsidies for generic promotion activities focussed on consumption in member countries.

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