The 11th Annual Paso Robles Olive Festival

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The 11th Annual Olive Festival was held downtown Paso Robles in City Park, California, Saturday, August 16, 2014. Over 130 vendor booths, purveying food, olives and olive tasting, wines, jewelry, and more, were enjoyed by a fairly large crowd on a warm, muggy day.

Thousands of locals and visitors flocked to the The 11th Annual Paso Robles Olive Festival on Saturday in the city park. The festival featured dozens of olive oil and olive vendors showing off their products and offering free free olive oil tasting, tasting seminars, cooking demonstrations, and a head-to-head chef cook-off in our outdoor kitchen stadium. Local wineries and breweries featured tastings.

The event started with a special blessing from Father Phil of Mission San Miguel, who blessed the Olive Festival and have thanks for a good harvest.

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