Teatro Naturale

Teatro Naturale is a weekly online magazine devoted to the rural world. Online since 2003, its mission is to voice people that lives in and on agriculture. Teatro Naturale (TN) is for that people that feel themselves not represented enough by the media. Nowadays, TN is the reference point for people that want to be informed on agricultural, alimentary and environmental facts. Moreover, it is addressed to that people that, besides agriculture, are interested in an invitation to reflection and to the rebirth of a free rural though, exempt by political or ideological memberships. So, TN is dedicated to all that people that thinks that the natural world should not only to defend itself, but should also to evolve and that the quality of agricultural products passes through the quality of people that work on it.

Each Saturday, TN freely provides readings, visions and widening lectures about the countryside world and the agricultural products. All materials can be found directly online or through the newsletter everybody can subscribe to.

TN is directed by the journalist and agronomist Alberto Grimelli. The magazine makes use of the cooperation of important journalists and of qualified co-workers, deriving from different universities and research centres.

Starting from February 2nd 2009, following the success obtained by the weekly magazine “Teatro Naturale”, we created the monthly “Teatro Naturale International”, a new English-speaking editorial product, dedicated to an international audience. The monthly edition is conducted with the same spirit of the weekly (Italian) version, but proposes origin contents, as well. Through TN International, we’re trying to export and to diffuse our approach to the rural world, by now so successful in TN.

Teatro Naturale and Teatro Naturale International are the creation of people that love and know from the inside the countryside and the agricultural world. Agriculture is the art to be able to wait, Riccardo Bacchelli said. The main point is seeding: something will grow up. Alberto Grimelli, together with all the co-workers, use such a clear belief to water the seed of Teatro Naturale.

website: www.teatronaturale.com

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