Study: "Olives & olive oil are sources of electrophilic fatty acid nitroalkenes"

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This discovery helped UJA researcher Beatriz Sánchez, who currently performs a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in Ceinbio, at Montevideo. The anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular signaling properties of this molecule are widely demonstrated. “We already know that extra virgin olive oil is superb as it has anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular properties, bieng a nutritional supplement, but now we can say that it also has an extremely important added value for our health”, the researcher explained.

In addition to describing this fatty acid in foods, Juan Bautista Barroso says it has been observed that, when mixed with other oil products and gastric juices in the stomach, it increases the power and function of these molecules. “In cell cultures of macrophages, this nitrated fatty acid reverses the cell phenotype with inflammatory activity turning it to anti-inflammatory activity”, he asserted.

Also, in the level of neurodegenerative diseases, in collaboration with scientists from Montevideo, there are preliminary results indicating that nitrooleic delays symptoms of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

UJA stressed that this discovery would enable the future production of a pharmaceutical drug containing this molecule extracted from the plant, the use of oils with a nutraceutical purpose or the generation of higher quality oils, both from the standpoint of production level of the olive industry, and the added value in the field of cardiovascular health, leading cause of death globally.

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