Study found that the extra virgin olive oil is also a cure for diabetes

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An Italian study found that adding olive oil to foods reduces the glycemic index of meals, or wheelies post-prandial blood glucose, helping to protect against cardiovascular complications and microvascular diabetes

The study evaluated whether fat quality, in the context of meals with high– (HGI) or low–glycemic index (LGI), influences postprandial blood glucose (PPG) response in patients with type 1 diabetes.

Current guidelines for the treatment of type 1 diabetes advised to calculate the units of insulin to be administered with meals, based on the carbohydrate content of the foods that will be eaten (the so-called ‘count carbs’).
However this system, despite the efforts made by patients, does not always prove effective in controlling blood glucose levels in an optimal way. And the reasons are many.

The most important element, however, is the glycemic index of foods consumed and the fiber content of a particular food. The same group of researchers of the SID, the authors of the work published in Diabetes Care, in a previous study had shown that even in the post counts of carbohydrates a correction that takes into account the glycemic index of foods helps to improve glycemic control. But of course, to influence the absorption of carbohydrates also contribute other macronutrients that they become part of a meal, in particular proteins and fats.

And ‘ever more evident the role that dietary fats play in influencing blood sugar levels after a meal. In general the fats tend to delay the gastric emptying times and this should in theory result in an attenuation of the peak of postprandial glucose. E ‘was also shown that the glycemic index of certain foods can be reduced after totalising with fat.

According to a randomized crossover design, 13 patients with type 1 diabetes on insulin pump consumed two series (HGI or LGI) of meals with the same carbohydrate quantity while differing for amount and quality of fat: 1) low in fat (“low-fat”), 2) high in saturated fat (butter), or 3) high in monounsaturated fat (extravirgin olive oil) (EVOO).

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