Spanish table olive exports reached a record in 2014

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“Temporary” increase
Given the good data offered, Antonio De Mora prefers to be cautious and remember that “even though it was a record export year, the reasons are mainly circumstantial. In fact, it is largely due to crop failure in producing countries such as Argentina, Greece and Morocco and developments in the euro-dollar rate in the latter part of the year. Moreover, it is very difficult to give back to those circumstances in our favor, so we do not expect this growth in 2015.”

The CEO of Asemesa also highlighted the loss of market share registered in recent years. “If you look into longer periods you can note that we are losing weight on a global scale, as is the case of the US, where despite increasing sales, olives are being purchased to other suppliers. Global consumption of olives is growing, which shows a globalization in the purchase and sale of this product.”

Meanwhile, the domestic market, which in recent years has been stagnated and even declined, has also shown positive results, since, at the end of 2014 sales of table olives in Spain rose by 4.4%, confirming the turnaround that had been pointing along the year.

In total, 177.9 million kilos were sold in Spain in 2014, of which 70% was green and the rest was black.

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